Powerful Mantras To Get A Healthy Baby Boy During Pregnancy

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A child is the best gift in a couple’s life. But not everyone is able to conceive. That is why there are powerful mantras that will help you to conceive. You can also use these mantras if you have a baby boy. The mantra for baby boy during pregnancy makes it possible to guarantee the gender of your unborn child. No medicine can make this possible but mantras can. You will also get mantra for healthy pregnancy. With the use of this mantra you can ensure that your child has a healthy growth in your womb. The mantra for safe pregnancy will not only ensure good health of the child but also of the mother. There are instances when the mother undergoes some severe effect during childbirth. This mantra will prevent anything from happening and keep all risks at bay.

Get the mantra for baby boy during pregnancy and be sure

Have you already had a girl and now you want a boy? Or do you have something specific in your mind about the gender of your unborn child? Then the mantra for baby boy during pregnancy can help you in this respect. When you use the mantra for baby boy during pregnancy you are bound to have a baby boy. This mantra was used in the ancient Vedic period as well. Devakisutam Govindam Vasudevam Jagatpatim DehimeTanayam Krishna twam-aham Sharanagatah. This is the Santana Gopala mantra and it is highly effective in giving you a baby boy. You have to recite the mantra as directed. The mantra for baby boy during pregnancy can also help you in case you are facing a delay in conceiving. The mantra will speed up the process and you will have the good news in a few days.

Ensure good health of the baby with mantra for healthy pregnancy

The days of pregnancy can be quite tricky. The mother has to stay a lot careful so that the baby can be healthy. But sometimes due to some unforeseen circumstances, the baby’s health gets affected. The mantra for healthy pregnancy can prevent any such event. It can also prevent premature birth of your baby. The mantra for healthy pregnancy will ensure that your baby has the perfect weight when born. They will not be underweight or overweight. They will not have any genetic disorders. Om Garbharakshambigai Vithmahe Mangaala Devatheye Dhimahe Thanno Devi Prosothayat. This is the Garbha Rakshambigai Gayatri Mantra. This mantra for healthy pregnancy will ensure that both you are your baby gets a good health. This mantra is usually advised to be chanted in the morning after you take a bath. Our guru ji will tell you about the procedure in detail.

The mantra for safe pregnancy will prevent all complications

The term of pregnancy spans over 9 months. There may be many complications during this span of time. But you can keep yourself and your baby safe with the mantra for safe pregnancy. This mantra can also make your delivery process painless so that you do not feel much pain. The mantra is very powerful but easy to recite. The mantra for safe pregnancy will also keep your child safe from diseases the moment they are born. Children often tend to catch cold or jaundice once they are born. But the mantra will protect them from it. The mantra for safe pregnancy requires some very common things easily available in the market. Our guru ji is very experienced in practicing this mantra. He will check the planets in your horoscope and give you the suitable mantra. The mantra will prevent all complications.

Some of the common samagri required in the mantra for healthy pregnancy is the idol of Lord Krishna, chandan, tulsi, earthen lamp, pure ghee, a wooden flute and some flowers. Our guru ji will give you a complete list. In case you have any questions, contact us immediately.

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