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There are some arts in the world of Astrology such as Vashikaran that are almost extinct. These are forms only known to a count few who have practice in it. This is an art that was previously known to many people but over time due to the misuse by people it came to be withheld from ordinary people. Only certain people now possess this knowledge and these are the people who practice without any harmful intent. Vashikaran is something that has been kept shrouded in secrecy to avoid misuse so much so that now most ordinary people consider it meaningless.

The word Vashikaran owes its origin to two Sanskrit words “Vashi” meaning to attract, influence or entice and “Karan” meaning the method or technique. Therefore, Vashikaran is the process or technique of bringing a person under complete control. It controls a person’s mind, feelings, thoughts, opinions, beliefs, actions, speech and behavior. Bestowed upon people by sages or “Rishis,” the purpose of Vashikaran is to attract a person to you and bring them under your control. An art that originated in Ancient India it had been used for ages by Kings and other rich members of the community and is still used in some areas. Information gathered has revealed that although indigenous to ancient India, Vashikaran has been practiced frequently in the western world as well.


This art has been of help to people in various cases. Some are cases of where a person is struggling to be noticed by a certain person when the person one love isn’t interested in them, when a person continues to think negatively or unchanged in their opinion about someone or when it may seem like your last option, the only other thing you can do. Additionally, Vashikaran can also be used to attract prosperity and success. It uses a person’s mind waves to attract the thing they love. Therefore, the level of a person’s attraction to the object of their admiration is crucial in this process. The idea is that there is always scope for changing a person’s perception. A good insight into how a person thinks is sometimes all you need to get hold of this perspective and influence it. Vashikaran is an option in case there is even a tiny little ray of affection between the two concerned people.

Vashikaran should never be used with a harmful intention. Like everything else in Indian scriptures, the theory of Karma applies here too, and therefore using Vashikaran with a harmful intention will come back to the person with terrible consequences. It is to be used only positively for promoting the cordial relationship between friends, colleagues and even superiors. It is of help to people informing good impressions and obtaining professional favors, to make friendships and affectionate relations. But for this to work, there should be at least some positive energy between the two concerned people.

Our Guru ji is one such figure with skill and practice in this art. He has been of aid to many people and helped them in getting united with their loved ones.  Guru ji has proven time and time again his ability and capability in this field.